Money Management

Your Money AND Your Life! [3.5 Hours]

“YMYL” is our flagship course. It's for people who wish to learn basic financial skills and practice them in their daily lives. It presents a complete and realistic approach toward money and debt management that will help participants:
- Set realistic and achievable financial goals.
- Put a simple, easy-to-use system into place that is a real-world alternative to traditional "budgeting."
- Live within their means.
- Create a specific roadmap for reducing and eliminating debt.
- Improve family involvement in controlling spending.
- Successfully manage money for life.

Reality Budgeting [90 Minutes]

Reality Budgeting is the first part of "Your Money AND Your Life!" and is ideal for those who wish to approach financial education one step at a time. In it, participants will learn a realistic system for day-to-day money management that has helped thousands of individuals and families better manage their money. They will learn how to classify, handle and, most importantly, control the three major areas of spending: Monthly, Irregular, and Flexible.

Street-Smart Spending [90 Minutes]

Street Smart Spending is a crash course for those who want to pick up a lot of money-saving ideas--FAST. Participants will get tips on becoming a smarter spender, a more savvy consumer, and someone who makes every dollar count. The class also covers important points relating to seasonal expenses, dealing with unexpected costs, preventing impulse buying, and improving family communication about money.