What Do You Need to Retire and Where Will It Come From? (CUSTOMIZED!) [3.5 hours]

Have you "run your numbers" to estimate when you can retire (not "the" numbers, YOUR numbers)? How much should you be saving to get there? This class takes a very unique approach towards retirement education, and by doing so will provide you with the tools and the understanding to answer these questions. Based on current Social Security law and the specifics of YOUR Company's retirement plan(s), you will estimate, within a reasonable set of assumptions, what you should be contributing to your 401(k) plan to ensure an adequate retirement for yourself (for both normal and early retirement). You will leave the class with your own calculations DONE! Finally, you will learn a number of easy, everyday ideas that should help you start finding the dollars (or more of them) to contribute toward retirement saving.

Retirement Planning: A Positive Approach (CUSTOMIZED!) [3.5 hours]

This workshop is for those within 5-10 years of retirement who need a head start on planning the work-to-retirement transition. Within the context of your retirement plans, you will learn how to determine the adequacy of your current nest egg and estimate how large it might need to be when you retire. You will also see what is involved in navigating through estimated taxes, Social Security decisions, potential Social Security taxation, and the Social Security earnings penalty. This course also covers the important factors to consider in the areas of post-retirement living arrangements; balancing leisure, work, and volunteer efforts; transitions in relationships; and maintaining overall health and well-being.

Making Your Money Last in Retirement [90 minutes]

What can you do to make your retirement savings last? This class will help you identify ways to stretch your retirement fund's life expectancy. You will understand the importance of having cash reserves to weather the ups and downs of the market, and learn how to use easy-to-understand tools that will help you estimate how long your money will last. Other key topics include retirement distribution alternatives, estimated taxes, and other retirement-related tax issues.

Plan a Rewarding Future (CUSTOMIZED!) [3.5 hours]

For employees 10 or more years away from retirement, this workshop will begin to pave a clearer path towards it. You will learn the principal sources of retirement income, and see what those who have successfullly planned their retirement have done to maximize their "nest egg" and protect their standard of living. You will receive guidance on which financial records to maintain and the importance of spouses and partners both being financially involved. You will also discuss the physical and financial realities of aging, the types of living arrangements you may have to look forward to, and the importance of building relationships that will last into your golden years.