Protecting Your Identity and Privacy [90 minutes]

This timely course will give you insights into an identity thief's thought process and techniques that will enable you to better protect yourself from them. You'll see how to be alert for and prevent possible intrusions into your privacy in your daily online and offline financial transactions and everyday life, how to detect compromises to your identity sooner rather than later, and important steps you must take if you believe or know that your financial identity has been compromised. Learn specific ways you can defend yourself and your family against the marketing intrusions of direct mail, telemarketing, Internet, email, and others.

Scams, Schemes, and Consumer Awareness [90 minutes]

How do you keep safe from getting "taken"? See how to develop a scam prevention mindset and common tricks that con artists use on their victims. Learn the major scams and schemes to avoid in the online and offline world, and specific action steps you can take to protect yourself or others you know who may be near becoming victims. You will also learn important questions to ask when investigating opportunities to distinguish the credible ones from the ripoffs.

Protecting Your Property: Car and Home [90 minutes]

How much insurance do you need, and how do you best protect yourself? This course will help you understand the risks you face, important terms, types of coverage to consider carrying, and practical ideas for keeping premiums under control. You'll also receive suggestions for preventing disasters from happening and recovering from them more quickly.

The Great Mystique of Life and Long-Term Care Insurance [90 minutes]

Learn how to go about deciding on the need, amount, and desired characteristics of these important areas of personal and family protection. Life insurance-related topics will include how much you should consider carrying, major life policy types, and piecemeal life policies to avoid. Topics related to long-term care include when a long-term care policy might make sense, the definitions of key coverage areas, and how they influence cost. You'll also receive extensive guidance on how to choose a long-term policy, and a reference list that points to insurance-buying tools and resources in all areas.