What They're Saying


"I would like you to know how happy we are with the results of the presentations you have made here during the past two years."

"From observing the first workshop myself and my review of the particpant evaluations from both workshops, it is clear to me that those who attended were very involved in your presentation, and that they learned important new skills."

"Those who attended said a lot of nice things about the pace of the presentations, your delivery style, and the fact that your approach is 'education-only' with no other agenda"

"I have received participant feedback from the session you did in March, and I'm pleased to report that there's a whole lot of positive action taking place!"

"I genuinely feel that this company is now better able to achieve its strategic goals as a result of the education our employees have received."

"We really appreciate the effort you put into tailoring the workshop to our 401(k) plan's provisions and investment options."

"The success of these workshops and the feedback from our employees has reinforced our original intent to make this workshop available at those locations where we have not yet offered it, and to include it on the agendas for regional sales conferences and similar gatherings."

"As we have often discussed, employees need to have control over their personal finances to maintain their retirement plan participation without the need to borrow or withdraw their funds for life's everyday emergencies. I am convinced that your workshop provided our staff with the means to accomplish this."